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President, brij

As President of brij, Steve has broad responsibilities which include directing the overall strategies of the entire organization.  Steve brings with him over 20 years of ERP experience in roles ranging from consultancy to IT Executive.  Leveraging his experience of leading several dozen ERP implementations, Steve provides insight into system and architecture design, installation, programming and administration across multiple industries.

Steve maintains a prominent position within the JD Edwards community. Steve supports this position through active participation in the JD Edwards user community, presenting at regional and   international JD Edwards User Group meetings.



Michael Thaw

VP of Selection Services, Technology Evaluation Centers


Michael Thaw serves on TEC's executive management committee and is responsible for leading TEC's Selection Services offerings. A recognized software selection expert, Thaw has worked with hundreds of clients and projects. Prior to his current post, Thaw served as the Director of Sales and Strategic Accounts for TEC’s Selection Services, managing sales to direct, channel partner, and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) sales channels, and helping organizations around the world to leverage TEC’s core competencies for their software research, evaluation, and selection projects.

Thaw draws on expertise in enterprise resource planning (ERP), accounting, business intelligence (BI), customer relationship management (CRM), product lifecycle management (PLM), human capital management (HCM) and supply chain management (SCM). Prior to joining TEC, Thaw ran his own manufacturing and distribution businesses, where he acquired extensive experience in operations and enterprise software selection. Thaw has a B.Sc. in business, pharmacology, and physiology from the University of Western Ontario.  




Chief Technology Officer, Technology Evaluation Centers


Mehdi Aftahi is one of TEC’s founding partners and the chief technology officer. His development work led to TEC Advisor, TEC’s world-class decision support system. Aftahi also holds a patent on the algorithm behind eBestmatchTM, the engine that powers TEC Advisor.

With more than 20 years of experience in business software development, Aftahi is an expert in the area of matching customer business process criteria to software capabilities and has steered the creation of TEC’s best-practice software selection methodology. Aftahi has also managed dozens of selection and evaluation projects as well as several ERP implementation projects.

Aftahi manages the entire development team at TEC, developing the decision support platform, and the entire team of consultants at TEC, delivering on the software selection and evaluation projects of customers in various industries worldwide.